Financing a Home Purchase

Down Payment Assistance & Credit

It’s arguably the most important part of the process, understanding how to finance a home. Before even talking to a lender or real estate agent, you should have a good understanding of credit as well as what kind of financing options are available for you.

We try to give you the tools, from understanding credit, loan types, down payments, and whether now is the right time to buy.

Young couple planning and looking for comparison information on their decision to buy a new home together


And Resources

Focused on budget and affordability, we have several resources to help you calculate what you can afford and how to create a budget


What you Need To Know

About Credit

We interview a top credit consultant to better understand what you need to know about your credit before buying a home. 

What is a Credit Score

And Is Credit Karma Accurate?

Understanding your credit score is a key component to getting started in the home buying process. We look at how a credit score is made and how it may differ from the free tools like Credit Karma when looking at mortgage scores.


How to Find a Lender

And What Questions Should I Ask Them?

Once you feel confident in where your credit is, you should speak to a lender to understand all of your options and find a professional who will be there to help you.

Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment Assistance Programs


Navigate the world of down payment assistance programs and learn how they can help you realize your dream of homeownership. With the rising cost of housing, these programs are becoming ever more important to first-time buyers.

Empowered 3.5% Down Payment

Assistance Program

Did you know that you may be eligible for an incredible down payment and closing cost assistance program, regardless of your income? Now available nationwide (Except WA), this program offers a 2% or 3.5% forgivable down payment and/or closing cost assistance forgiven after 6 months.